Gherkins in Vinegar Media

Gherkins in Acetic Acid Media

Gherkins in Salt brine Media


The process that we are following in Sri Durga Agro Exports is well defined and streamlined based on our experience and standardizations. Our process ensure the end delivery with highest customer satisfaction.

  • Receiving raw greens and dry culling

    Quality Checking of raw greens received from the field and Removing Nubbins, Crooks, Virus, Bleach, Stems, flowers, muddy, soft, damage and fungus Fruits

  • Mechanical Grading

    After removing the defects, raw greens are size wise and grade wise segregated in the Grading machine as per buyers requirements

  • Washing and wet culling

    Graded Raw greens are soaked in the water for 10 min and feeded in to the washing machine for efficient washing of greens and wet culling again for final checking of washed raw greens

  • Storage and Quality Control

    As per requirement of buyers Raw Greens will be preserved in barrels with medium like Acetic Acid, Natural Vinegar & Salt Brine solution. And proceeded with tapping and quality control check.

  • Customer inspection and export

    After topping and Quality Control check, finished products are inspected by the Buyer Quality Control and export our product in the containers to the port


Surprising facts about Gherkins

  • After receiving the Gherkins from the Farm we have to make sure the product is not stored like any other products. The Gherkins has to be preserved in a barrel with vinegar or acetic acid.
  • Gherkins are cool refreshment. It contains a large amount of water, it prevent your body from getting dehydrated.
  • Gherkins vegetables originated from West Africa, and then were introduced in west Indies
  • Gherkins are used in variety of salads, soups. They are also fried deeply consumed by people. It also makes your skin glow. Gherkins have to be carefully grown and preserved. Because if it is allowed to be grown largely it loses it sweetness and turn bitter.

Advantages of Gherkins

Gherkins has rich amount of potassium which helps in balance of healthy blood and reduces the blood pressure in our body.

Gherkins have a rich content of ascorbic acid and caffeic acid, in which ascorbic acid is one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C and caffeic acid reduces swellings on the skin and also other skin disorders.

Gherkins are rich in fibre which helps in proper functioning of digestive system. Gherkins are also rich in minerals and calcium.

One large sweet gherkin pickle contributes 16.5 micrograms of vitamin K which help for the blood clotting in our human body.

Gherkins helps to burn the extra calories and fats, it intakes the calories and fats its helps to maintain weight and reduces hear diseases.

Gherkins juice extracted from this fruit serves as a very cool and refreshing drink, and also is a rich reservoir of minerals and vitamins.

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