Sri Durga Agro Exports, has been employing contract farming process with farmers and facilitation to farmers with supply of high grade Gherkin seeds and pesticides (which adhere to international standards). We track and support the farmers throughout the sowing and cultivation period.

Performance of contract farming of Gherkin on farmers: The impact of gherkin contract farming was judged in terms of the farmer’s perception. Performance wise farmers were highly satisfied with assured income, minimum production risk and assured production respectively. Whereas they were least satisfied with increased farm mechanization and water requirement compared to previous crop. Gherkin is more profitable than all the other crops grown in the area. This may be due to the short duration of gherkin crop and its suitability for cultivation throughout the year. With regard to extension dimension the farmers were highly satisfied with respect to timely availability of quality inputs and regular technical guidance, and satisfied with respect to awareness about appropriate technology and motivation by field officers. Thus it may say that extension functionaries of the company in the near future.

“Gherkin, being labour-intensive crop requires more labour for various operations in its cultivation”. Though labour is assumed to be abundant in our country, skilled labour suitable for the Gherkin cultivation are reported by the farmers for hastle free cultivation. Which is also supported by our management to do so.