Sri Durga Agro Exports is invented by "Sri Durga Engineering works" which is the one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of over 250 components for "Massey Ferguson Tractor" for more than 41 Years. The experience and analyzes of business experts of "Sri Durga Engineering works", assisted the "Sri Durga Agro Export" to expose as a matured organization from the day itself it is invented. The business model, experienced farmers and factory workers, assessments on customers demand and satisfaction, campaign and trainings to upgrade the world class agriculture methodology, non-negotiable quality and process, are the key factors of Sri Durga Agro Exports to stablish as a Best Gherkins Exporter in India


All required certification, are maintained as per the policy and our internal corporate governance team. We have got our certification to from HACCP, Kosher, FDA and FSSAI for the processing of gherkins.


Management is committed to achieve the maximum efficiency in all areas there by reducing the cost for our customers and delivering products on time.


In Sri Durga Agro Exports machine maintenance is done every 2 times in a year. We have aluminum foil to maintain room temperature to main the quality of gherkins.

About our company

Sri Durga Agro Exports is a registered company which deals with the export of Gherkins to all over the world. The organization prides its values around its people, competitiveness, quality of delivery and global relationship. The existing list of prime markets are in all over the world.

Our Company life

We are the leading producer and supplier of Gherkins in India with employees comprises of dedicated, hard working and experienced individuals. We adhere no compromise on quality and customer satisfaction.


Processing Gherkins by mechanical grading where we check the quality of Gherkins and segregated accordingly.


Gherkins are packed and stored in HDPE 240/260 drums and stored in the storage area. Vinegar is to be stored in the shade.


Compositions of Gherkins are 260lts-180kgs of Gherkins 80lts of acid / vinegar solution, 240lts-170 kgs of Gherkins 70lts of acid / vinegar solution.


Finished Product, ready for shipment is transported to the port by loading into containers.