Leading Gherkins
Producer and Exporter
in India

The highest point of customer satisfaction
keeps us as a Best Gherkins Exporter and
Leading Gherkins Exporter in India

Gherkins Process

Our experience creates
the streamlined process to produce
the High quality Gherkins


Gherkins have high
content of minerals,
vitamins and calcium

Our process assures that
the benefits of Gherkins are reaching to the customer
without changing its nature


Best Quality

We produce the best quality
of gherkins certified by
HACCP, Kosher, FDA and FSSAI



Experienced Farmers and
the regular training campaigns
for farmers, retain our
Gherkins Farms are the Best among others

Welcome to Sri Durga Agro Best Gherkins Exporters and Suppliers

Sri Durga Agro Exports is a registered company which follows the Industry standard. Quality of Sri Durga is to cultivate and process best quality gherkins that adhere to the highest global quality standard which stands as Best Gherkins Exporter in India. More than 1500 farmers and 500 families have been benefited. We provide seeds and Fertilizer, chemicals to the famers. Well equipped factory where aluminium foil to maintain the room temperature. We have customers who import our products in different countries such as canada, USA, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Russia and Italy; customers include traders, importers, wholesalers, factories and end users..

Gherkins in India

The cultivation and the export have been started in India around 1990’s. Gherkins are grown only in South India. Our Gherkins farms are located in South India. We are very glad to embrace our contribution in the history of India’s Gherkins export. Our buyers are from all over the world. Our company’s product manufacturing and exporting are certified by HACCP, Kosher, FDA and FSSAI

Guaranteed Service

We offer a range of comprehensive services, with the flexibility to satisfy every client. We maintain exceptionally high standards when it comes to Quality. With qualified agri-teams to cultivate, grow and deliver Gherkins, we make sure that potential customers are attracted. The highest point of customer satisfaction keeps us as a Best Gherkins Exporter in India

Global Recognition

As a premier manufacturer of Gherkins, we have built a global recognition in the industry over several countries around the world. All required certification, are maintained as per the policy and our internal corporate governance team. The standard and the streamlined process that we follow is aiding us to recognize ourselves to the globe

Our Certificates


Food Safety System Certification 22000

FSSAI letter of Certification

APEDA letter of Certification

Star K Kosher letter of Certification

Our Clients